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Welcome to the revolution

Optimal running performance

Like the fuel economy of a car, the less oxygen and energy you need to run at a certain pace, the longer you can go without ending up out of breath. Running economy is what´s going to help you run faster longer and cost you less than people around you.

Therefore – Improve your running economy and run faster, longer and easier.


Biomechanics made easy

With existing running gadgets today you can track WHETHER you have improved since last run. However the data available does not give the runner the answer to WHY this is – ie. the biomechanics behind it all.

With Gaiteye, the new revolution within gait analysis, it is now possible to monitor the key biomechanical parameters leading to the optimal running economy.


Real time feedback

Since you cannot improve what you cannot measure, realtime feedback is key to improving your running technique. Many is of the belief, that a runner will naturally find the best stride and that should not be changed. However just like shooting a basketball, running is a skill that must be learned.

Gaiteye gives you instant feedback on your running performance 


Avoid injuries & Enjoy the Ride!

According to several recommended running techniques/styles, heel striking should be avoided. When heel striking in front of the body´s center of gravity, you are not only braking and slowing down, but also increase the risk of injury due to excessive downward forces through the leg. 

Optimize your striking position and renew your running pleasure


Introducing the Gaiteye™sensor

Attach the Gaiteye sensor to anyrunning shoe, connect via Bluetooth Smart and find out “how far you run on the liter”. The Gaiteye app on you smartphone will guide you to optimal running performance giving you accurate real-time data on up to 15 key biomechanical metrics. All in a user friendly interface. 

Gone are the days with inaccurate step counters and simple distance measuring. Using the newest Bluetooth Smart technology combined with a “state of the art” motion sensor and dedicated proprietary calibration, the Gaiteye sensor is the first and most advanced footpod in the market today.  

1. Attach the Gaiteye™sensor to your running shoe & strap on the HRM

2. Start the Gaiteye™ app available for FREE download in the App. store

3. Connect the Gaiteye™sensor & HRM via Bluetooth and you are ready to run

Gaiteye™ will provide you with audio cues on the fly to improve your running economy, push you to reach your preset targets. After your run, login and see historic training performances and analytics, benchmark yourself against previous runs. Export or share your progress with friends, physiotherapists or trainer and analyze your run like never before…

How to use the Gaiteye Sensor

What people think of Gaiteye

“I have been using your Gaiteye® and think it is a phenomenal product! 

I get excited when I see a product that is what I call a 21st century game changer” 

I´ve incorporated the sensor data as part of my training focusing onrunning technique. The feedback was not to be mistaken and corresponded withwhat experts have been saying about my very inefficient way of running” 

My motivation for buying the Gaiteye® Sensor was to keep an eye on my pronation angles over time to recover from injury. Simultaneously I want to make sure that my striking position is optimal throughout my running pass”

Thanks for a fantastic product!! 

Gaiteye®  is not just a fun gadget you try a couple of times – just to leave it in the draw again. You can actually use it over time to improve your running technique. 

Are you one of those runners who wish to change running technique completely or simply make minor adjustments – Gaiteye is imperative!!”